The Money Maker Group

For all trader types

We satisfy Clients all over the World. Multiple Exchanges, worldwide.

Strategy automation

  • 100% Risk free SPOT configurations
  • Leverage Configurations for advanced traders

100% Risk free

1 MONTH FREE TRIAL on our Bronze Plan

If you are not satisfied, just cancel before you get charged.
ProfitTrailer BOT

Made for one of the most advanced and powerful crypto trading Bots, and you need to buy or rent a license for the Bot. Additional costs for Signal Services apply if you want to use Signals.


You are the only one in control over your Money. No profit sharing. Your Money is on your exchange account and you are trading on YOUR account only!

Group Requirements

  • Have $2000.00 or more to invest
  • Have a Discord account
  • Open a Binance, Kucoin or Poloniex account
  • Buy a ProfitTrailer Licence
  • Choose a PLAN
  • What does the MoneyMakerGroup do?

    The MoneyMakerGroup is a group of people, using one of the best Bots available, with powerful configurations, to grow wealth over time and become a crypto millionair over time.

    The MMG Dashboard gives you control over your Bot Settings, your fundings and personal interests.

    We buy LOW and sell HIGH, everytime, no exeptions. Depending on the market, we can archieve steady average profits, every day, over month and years.

    Compounding is the Key to success. Steady and predictable.

    • Membership
    • Price
    • Max. Bots
    • Configurations
    • Exchanges
    • Support
    • Free Merch

    Bronze - 1 month free

    $ 25. 00 / month
    • 1 Connection
    • SPOT only
    • Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex
    • Discord, WIKI
    • Sticker


    $ 50. 00 / month
    • 3 Connections
    • SPOT & Leverage
    • Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex (SPOT)
      Binance & KuCoin Futures (Leverage)
    • Discord, WIKI, Private Chat
    • Sticker & MUG


    $ 200. 00 / month
    • 5 Connections
    • SPOT & Leverage & Custom
    • Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex (SPOT)
      Binance & KuCoin Futures (Leverage)
    • Discord, WIKI, Private Chat
    • Sticker & MUG & Poster

    Read the get started Guide in the WIKI to start now and change you life FOREVER!

    Are you a Miner? Ask for automatic conversion of your mined coins into Stablecoins to feed your Bot and to compound on the AltCoins market!